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The Mercian Trust is a group of schools working together under a common banner and an over-arching structure of governance, but retaining their autonomy as custodians of their unique heritage, distinct identity and successful operation. Our Trust’s name is both rooted in history and expresses a geographical identity and ambition. Mercia was an ancient kingdom comprising Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and, crucially for us, what we now call the Black Country.

It was in Mercia that St Chad established an association of small monasteries which fostered unity through bonds of kinship. We intend, a thousand years later, to adopt the same spirit in our approach to a Multi-Academy Trust. Pupils in the Mercian Trust will be part of a family of schools forming an educational community. We are convinced that we are stronger together. The MAT is already shaping the educational landscape in exciting ways; every pupil in the Trust will be part of that story.

Our Mission

To provide the best education and life chances for the children and young people of Walsall.

The Mercian Trust brings together different schools catering for a wide range of individual needs into one Multi-Academy Trust in order to offer the broadest and best education to all pupils regardless of their socio-economic, cultural or ethnic background. Leveraging the strengths of the participating schools, Mercian Trust pupils will be able to access the advantages and opportunities that each school brings – in teaching, leadership, breadth of curriculum, facilities, enrichment activities and community engagement.

More information

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The MAT will equip all pupils to live life to the full, enabling them to:

  • Realise their potential
  • Thrive in the world of work
  • Make a positive contribution to the local, national and international community