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Compliments, Comments and Complaints Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

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Anti Bribery Policy

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Mercian MAT Curriculum Intent Statement

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Retention and Distribution Policy

PHONE CALLS RECORDED The school has an automatic telephone recording system which records all phone calls made to, or from, the trust using external lines. External callers will receive an automated message informing them of this via the auto attendant, there is also notification on the trsut website via this announcement. The trust is able to access such calls using the telephone management system. The system does not record internal phone calls.

ACCESS TO RECORDED CALLS: Access to calls will only be made under exceptional circumstances. Only a restricted number of staff have access to the recording system and thus calls made. Such staff will have to obtain permission from senior trsut staff to access such calls. Details of access to calls are kept via the system’s audit trail. Monitoring systems are in place in order to ensure the system is used securely and that confidentiality is maintained.